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    I want to be able to send a POST to a ip address, via port 443.
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    Right now when I try to post it, it returns the error “403 Service Unavailable”
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    I’ve looked all over through multiple sites and can’t find the answer as to why.
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httpService:PostAsync("", requestBody, Enum.HttpContentType.ApplicationJson, false)

I’m pretty new to http requests and servers in general. I have the server setup on a linux OS, and it works when I visit the IP through a browser. Just not when I try to PostAsync to it. Anyone have any suggestions?

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403 means that you are not authorized to access the web server but the server understood your request.

In simple terms, a 403 error is a status code that indicates that the server does understand the request you gave it but refuses to authorize it. This can usually occur if you do not have permission to access a web page, for an example, now when you are posting to that IP address whatever, do you need an Authorization Key in order to access it or something similar?

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Also, if you find this helpful, read this: HTTP response status codes - HTTP | MDN (

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Just for context, figured out I was using .get on server when I should’ve been using .POST (100% my fault) Thank you for your help though!

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