Help with ideas on how to make monster model scarier

As the title says I was wondering if anyone could give me some ideas or pointers on how to make the base model of my monster model scarier for my game.
All ideas are welcome!

Here are some pictures of my current state of the model, don’t mind the hands or feet.


Looks pretty scary already!
Maybe put some effort on the hands or feet? Make them into pointed fingers / Claws.
Could also add some textures on the body, like realistic flesh / bruised colored skin on the creature.

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I do intend to do most of those, however, I am just blocking out the model as of now.
But do you think adding more arms or legs would be a good idea?

Wouldn’t really recommend it in my opinion, but if you insist maybe you could make them into vestigial limbs hanging off the torso.

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Like Organs or torn arms? Also, would that go against any Roblox guide lines that you’d happen to know?

Like a exposed chest (showing the organs) and a shriveled arm hanging off its back

I would recommend not making it too unsettling then (no realistic blood or gore)

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Okay, thanks for the feedback! also, I think that the pointed fingers idea was a great one.
I made this so far on the hand just got to touch it up.


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