Help with interior lighting

Hello, so kind of a noob problem, but I’m having trouble getting some internal lighting looking nice. Right now it’s either too dark or too bright. What I’m really looking for is internal shadows from objects, but right now it’s just static light throughout the whole room. I’ve mostly been using surface lights, but I feel like there’s a better way to achieve this. I attached a few photos to show my different attempts. Any suggestions on the best way to approach this? Thanks!


Put some invisible bricks across the room with PointLight inside them on a high/medium light range, if the range is too high though, it will make the room too bright and it will be filled with bloom, I think the best option is to place some PointLight bricks on medium across the room

And to make it look bit better, set the material of the bricks on the ceiling to neon and set their transparency to something like 0.4, it won’t help with the lighting itself but it will just look nicer

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Thank you so much, this is exactly what I needed. I knew surface light probably wasn’t best, but I couldn’t get point light working how I wanted. This is perfect though, thanks!

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