Help with killing npc script

So the problem is,
When an NPC dies, and it falls to the ground, I then send the reward to the player who killed it. But, even if it’s already dead and if I then keep punching it while its parts are on the ground, the reward keeps getting sent and it counts as kills.

I’m pretty sure this is because the humanoid health is 0 when it dies, and if it is then being punched it counts as a kill.
But even if I the health to something like inf, it still doesn’t work. and I can’t delete the NPC’s parts on the ground because when it respawns it clones it and then deletes them.

Can’t you just use the Humanoid.Died Event instead? Or perhaps create a debounce when the NPC dies?

Yea that would probably have worked, but instead I just instanced a value, that when it exists, it can’t be counted as a kill, inside of the NPC once it died, and deleted it right before it was cloned.

What’s your current script that you have right now? Instead of detecting for the Humanoid’s Health, you could just use that Event instead