Help With Lighting

Alright, so - I’ve been making some sort cutesy fantasy roleplay game, where you can collect and play as many different animals. With this game, I want to make my map look as beautiful as possible, and a really good way to achieve this is through lighting. Honestly, I’m not the best at lighting, and I want some members of this forum to leave their suggestions below.

Here’s some pictures of the place (please note, the terrain is a work in progress at the sides, I really have to smooth that out!!):

If someone could give me some tips on making the lighting better, please help me out! Thank you!!


I’m no expert either but the fog in the last picture looks really cool.

Perhaps you could make the map in general darker and have the lamps in your pictures play more of a role?

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Well, the lamps don’t have an off/on script to turn them on at night, and the night lighting is much darker.

For the first two images, the lanterns jump out as being too bright for what otherwise looks like a daylight scene. The sun will completely overpower lightbulbs and lanterns during the day. You could greatly reduce their output during the day, and increase it if needed during a night cycle. Real lights are often the same brightness all the time (when ON), but a game camera does not have auto exposure like your eyes do (via your pupils), so you sometimes have to fake things related to the true relative brightness of lights to make it look more realistic.

In the foggy scene, the foreground colors are too saturated to really sell that it’s a foggy day. Water in the air absorbs long wavelength light (red end of the spectrum) about 100x as much as the blue end, so foggy and snowy scenes IRL generally lack saturation and skew towards everything having a bluish cast. I would suggest using the ColorCorrection post effect to play around with this.


This is not a tip but these plugins will make the process easier and better for you while working with Lighting


Well, i don’t know much, but I’ve been playing with lighting and i don’t know if i’ll be any help, but i do know some things about lighting, If you haven’t already try Voxel, and you could add some color correction and make outdoorambient darker, and add sun rays. This is my first time replying to a post so i hope this is helpful.

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