Help with Loadout System not working

Hello everyone! I found this neat system that has flag capturing and class setups etc etc… It’s the perfect thing for my game! However, the system is not compatible with FE gun kit and It’s a huge bummer.
Could someone review the code and find out what the problem is so my friend could pinpoint the issue? I believe the script that clones the tool into the backpack is in the class selection GUI.
Thank you!


Have you had a go at trying to contact the owner to see if they can help?

I contacted the Dev and he didn’t help me at all.

Would you be ok in giving access to what you have developed so far rather than me having to setup a project using the two kits?
You can DM with a link if you wish.

Sure thing, I sent you a friend request so I can give you access.

Ok, I accepted, sorry for delay.

Just so you know, the tools work in studio but not in game, I don’t know if that’s useful to you at all or not.

it is my understanding that prints are viewable in game via the developer console so we can confirm the process flow and value of variables and compare those with what we see in studio.