Help with "Local" Hanging Platform

What do I need? I’m working on an obstacle game, so I need my obstacles to be local to each player client (or else one player could just mess up everyone else’s obstacle). One of this obstacle is a hanging platform, using rope constraints. I have been successful in making these obstacles local (using a local script to clone a model from ReplicatedStorage and moving it to Workspace).

What is the Issue? However, another client is still able to affect another person’s hanging platform. This is probably due to the fact that even though they cannot see the hanging platform model, they still “collide” with it. Here is an article I found, which is similar to my problem.. I tried using this article as help, but got stuck.

What solutions have I attempted?
I’ve used a script in ServerScriptService to create the collision groups, and then using a remote event to send a table of players off to every client (so it knows what players are in the server, to filter collisons locally from), which the remote event fires everytime a player joins the server. I think everything in my scripts (server-side), are completely find, however I’m struggling with the collision groups. I could also be thinking in the completely wrong direction, and there’s a much simpler solution.