Help with Magnitude (the size of the area is 2x of the original)

I am trying to get the distance of the player from a centered part:

local distance = (pos - chr.HumanoidRootPart.Position).Magnitude

The centered red part is (25,1,25)
and the outer part is (50,1,50)
When I print the values of the player distance from the centered red part I get

▶ 25 (x14) - NewSystem:32
I am standing outside the (50,1,50) part, and when I stand near the inner one I get printed 12(.5) which is half the value.
Anyone has an idea on how to fix this and on how to make it so I can get the distance of 25 from the corners as well? (I mean not 25, but 12.5 because it’s the corners)

Thanks in advance

This is because the Position property of a BasePart instance describes its center point in the world space.

How can I get the center point of it like I intend to do?

25 is the correct value because the size is 50 from 1 side all the way to the other side but is 25 from the centre

if you want to measure in a square shape then you cant use Magnitude as that will give you a circle shape

this is how you can measure in a square shape

local characterPosition = character.HumanoidRootPart.Position
local partPosition = part.Position
local xDistance = math.abs(partPosition.X - characterPosition.X)
local zDistance = math.abs(partPosition.Z - characterPosition.Z)
local distance = math.max(xDistance, zDistance)
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