Help With Make UI

I am trying to make a crate system like in the game Blade Ball

You spend coins on a crate and then a slot machine UI comes up. You get you Item and the UI disappears. (fortune roll)

I know how to do all of this but the ui part. How do I make a script that makes the boxes go away like in the image.

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You can enable ClipDescendants on the frame: that’ll handle clipping them off, all you need is to move them outside the bounds of the frame.


Thanks that solve one problem. Do you know how to make a script where the UI moves randomly horizontal

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You can get a random position for the gui

local YPosition = -- Whatever you want
local XPosition = math.random(MinimumDistance, MaxDistance)

local Position =, 0, YPosition, 0) -- If you want to use Scale
-- or
local Position =, XPosition, 0, XPosition) -- If you want to use Offset

Gui.Position = Position

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