Help with making a Boxing gloves tool that attaches with the player's character

Hey developers.

I am working on a game right now and I want to add boxing gloves as a weapon, though, I have absolutely no idea of how to approach this, I know I will have to use tool.Equipped but should I go for welds, motor6ds, where do I weld them etc… Could someone tell me how I could approach this? What I am trying to do exactly is figure out what’s the most efficient way to weld two models to each player’s hand, like what Your Bizarre Adventure did.

Any help is appreciated

I would change the cframe of a glove to the corresponding hand, then align its orientation/rotation at the same time. From there adding a weld constraint connecting both the gloves and the hand.

Motor6d’s are only for welds that have animations, and because your gloves aren’t moving (they are following the hands movement) you don’t need them.