Help with making a hologram?

Hey guys, I’m trying to make a hologram restaurant menu board, but I can’t seem to actually make it look like a hologram. Here it is

Is there anything you guys know I can add to make it look better?


Hi! Notice this image from Star Wars:


There are slight “glitches,” the color is consistent, and there’s light beaming from the bottom.

You haven’t added any glitches, you’ve made the text white, and there’s not light beaming from the bottom.

Hope this helped! d(⸝。⸝◉⸝ω⸝◉⸝。⸝)b

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Do u reckon I could do some cframing for that glitches?

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I’m not familiar with C-Framing, so I’ll wait for someone to respond to this post. Sorry-

But another thing I would recommend is removing the obvious line between the triangle and the rectangle with a simple union.


And I’d recommend using a more sci-fi, techy sort of font. Like Orbitron.

Cheers again-


You can use beams. Like make the width at one side to be of 0.1 studs while for other to be of 5 stud I guess… Then transparency, make it opaque at the beginning (0.1) and transparant at the end(5). Color should be blue and make it have a texture if you want, but set speed to zero.

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Use a beam! Also make the board a neon part and make it semi-transparent like I show here:


How do i use beams? @unidentifiedchris thanks

Here is a quick tutorial that might help!

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how would u make one that looks like this tho?


You need a mesh and set the mesh’s material to forcefield then put a texture id
The texture id can be anything it will just be the effect
(Must be a mesh)

The bottom of it is a beam


Here is a link

I made this following the same steps I said above

Texture Id

For the best effects IMO