Help with making gfx

hi I’ve been trying to make gfx for the first time but its really difficult.
what do you want to achieve? I want to make a good gfx for my game/showcase
what is the problem? I can’t think of any ideas or ways to do what I want to accomplish
what have you tried? I’ve tried making poses in studio and then adding a background in gimp. I’ve tried using blender (because I’ve used it a lot before) to ad a render and importing my avatar in. I’ve tried just using studio to make the render but nothing really looked good

any tips or ideas for my gfx

I think you should watch a blender tutorial, here is the one I used to learn:

Hello, I am not very given to the subject of gfx, it was really a year ago that I started doing them, in my case I have done them in roblox studio, what I do is that I put my character doing some action of what will be done in the game and in the part of the background that is shown as in the game, I hope the idea will serve you.