Help with making my module script faster

Hello!, I decided to post this on this category since I thought It would be adequate since unlike scripting support I am not trying to fix an issue I am trying to ask for info on what method would make my module faster

So I am working on a fighting game and since I will have many weapons that are handled the same but with different stats or modeels or animations I decided to simply make the weapons all utilize a module script to get their functions from, This way every time I do a change on how the combat engine works I dont have to modify every tool’s/weapon script and just the module script itself.

Now this module obviously needs some things to be passed through arguments Player, Animations, AnimationTracks so while only these 3 are needed heres the question

Since I need the module to get some remote events, Values, And player objects like character, Animator, etc. and others. Is it faster to just pass the module script these objects and values directly or write so the module can get these values from the player?

Can’t help without script.

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There was no script to fix I was just asking regardless speed of passing data directly or letting a module find it itself
This was my old architecture and it is fast but an organization mess

But another dev already solved my question wich lead me to completely re structure my architecture wich is slower by so small that you wouldnt even be able to compare it, As long as a player has good internet it should work fine.