Help with Making punch script do damage

Hello this is the portion in question.

if RightArm.hit.Parent:FindFirstChild("Humanoid") then 
				if RightArm.Parent.Name ~= Player.Name then

It says hit is not a valid member of the part. I’m not sure what to do

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There’s no part named hit in RightArm. I’m not sure what you mean but I think you’re using a touched event.

In that case, hit is not in RightArm. hit is it’s own separate part unconnected to RightArm. Remove RightArm.hit and replace with hit

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like @SSSpencer413 said,remove RightArm.hit and put hit.Parent.

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As a matter of fact i could use more help.

here is the full thing

local Player = game.Players.LocalPlayer
local Character = script.Parent
local Humanoid = Character:WaitForChild("Humanoid")
local Mouse = Player:GetMouse()
local PunchAnim = Humanoid:LoadAnimation(script:WaitForChild("Punch1Anim"))
local PunchAnim2 = Humanoid:LoadAnimation(script:WaitForChild("Punch2Anim"))
local KickAnim = Humanoid:LoadAnimation(script:WaitForChild("Kick1Anim"))
local RightArm = game.Players.LocalPlayer.Character["Right Arm"]
local LeftArm = game.Players.LocalPlayer.Character["Left Arm"]
local Leftleg = game.Players.LocalPlayer.Character["Left Leg"]

local NextAnim = 1 
local Cooldown = false

	if not Cooldown then
		Cooldown = true

		if NextAnim == 1 then
			NextAnim = 2
		elseif NextAnim == 2 then
			NextAnim = 3
		elseif NextAnim == 3 then
			NextAnim = 1
		local CurrentNextAnim = NextAnim
		Cooldown = false
		if CurrentNextAnim == NextAnim then 
			NextAnim = 1

What should I do to have the person hit by the anims take damage?
is there a way to apply damage when the body parts touches then. or should i create hitboxes? ( I’ve never made hitboxes beforew so idk how that works if we go down that Route).