Help with making sound without directionality

I’m trying to make a game with area music but when I make a sound it does the thing where it gets quieter farther away and plays in the direction of the center I’ve looked for a couple of weeks trying to find something online but nothing worked.


Are you useing a block to play the music or how are you doing it?

My main things are putting sounds in blocks and adjusting the settings in the sound, I have also tried using coordinates but those haven’t worked either

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Mabye try copying the block and pasteing it around the stage so that the music is normal volume or would that not work?

I’m certain that wouldn’t be good, mainly it would cause sounds to be playing all around the player, limiting the volume floor, and it’s just really hard to implement

You can parent the sound to workspace, and play the sound this will make it same volume no matter where you are

Okay I’m not really a sound expert but that was just a salution I thoght might work but good luck.

Then it would play throught all of the levles.

That’s one of the solutions that I was thinking of but I am trying to make different music areas, which was a main problem I was having

You can just make the sound locally then (Remote event + FireClient) or have the detection of the sound creation on a local script

try with this:

first: (starterCharacter > starterCharacterScripts > (create a model in this file) > (create a localscript))

local chr = script.parent.parent
local soundFile = game.SoundService.SoundFX

local areaLists = {
['name1'] = "", --your soundId
['name2'] = "" --your soundId

local sound = soundFile.AreaSound

if not(tostring(plr) == tostring(chr.Name)) then return end
if not(table.find(areaLists,tostring(areaName))) then 
warn("area id not found!")

if (sound.SoundId == areaList[tostring(areaName)]) then return end

sound.SoundId = areaList[tostring(areaName)]


I’m a little bit confused to where the area goes in this script as I am a beginner, could you tell me what to do with those?

Place the Sound instance inside the SoundService directory and use the “PlayLocalSound()” function to play the Sound instance without the sound appearing to have some origin source position/direction.