Help with making ViewModels

So lately I’ve been curious and wanted to try out ViewModels as they are used in quite a variety of game genres like FPS. Though I am not that much familiar with them, right now I want to use them for a Story game I got going on and I have no clue how to make ViewModels, though I want them to be like the one below:

The Player presses an input or Keybind to bring out the phone with a nice pull-out animation similar to CounterBlox then the main interface appears and covers the whole screen. I am not really familiar with ViewModels, for the animating part do I have to use CFrame or do I use Animations?

I want the arms to pop out with the same animation every time and doesn’t leave’s the player’s pov, so It’s almost like a transparent image of an arm pulling out a phone, is that possible without being fond of CFrames?

I can figure out the rest, but how do I make the arms act like a Viewmodel and animate it?

There are many different resources on making an fps viewmodel. The one I feel is probably the most simplest while still looking decent is Egomoose’s method.

What I did to animate the viewmodel was using Headstackk’s animation method. Do note however, you will have to alter egomoose’s viewmodel by deleting the motor6d attached to the viewmodel head to the tool (I learnt this the hard way). The M6D used in this animation method should also be done locally

There’s a lot of information I would have to cover, so if you have any questions just ask.

(At some point in the future you’re probably gonna encounter problems with the animation not looking correct on the viewmodel when being played in game, if so just PM me, I can solve it)

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