Help with Memory Leakage

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Today i opened up a new baseplate and Noticed Something VERY strange…

I opened the Dev Console and saw that it was already using more than 1 GB of memory. Even though its less but for some people its half their RAM. I Decided to turn on Streaming Enabled. It did drop down to 900 Mb which is a Great sign but Just for a Large Part with a Spawnpoint? I then remembered about the scripts for startup and local. I checked starter player and found many modules and scripts acting. Even though these are used for movement… they are definately not optimised but most of them are beyond my Understanding. Is there a way to Reduce memory consumption. I am very new to this.

Any help will be appreciated.
Currently i dont have any ideas so i didnt include any scripts here.
I am asking this because I need Atleast ~500mb and i still want the game to be playable atleast for those with less memory.

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Does it happen in-game too? Studio takes a lot of memory but in-game, it doesn’t.


Wait what.

It actually does show a significant difference.
Its now about 400 mb with streaming.

Thanks i Guess :slight_smile:

But is it possible to reduce it further (just curious)

Exceptions to any events or Culling.

I barely know how to reduce memory usage in games lol. Sorry I can’t help you with that.

You can take a look into this forum post talking about how to improve game performance and reduce memory.

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I am Very thankful for these references. I will just ping you one last time.

Is there a way to optimise orignal scripts (movement,Camera??)

I learned a little bit about this. To make your game less memory consuming, remove some large variables from scripts. Then, remove terrain. Terrain is the worst when it comes to memory. Set up streaming and make it as low as possible. Then comes a balance, whether you want to save memory on the server or the client.