Help with MessagingService

I have been experiencing something weird with MessagingService. We have an experience with two places in it; testing and the public game. We have added a dev product which gives 500 coins to players on all active servers. Everything works fine in the main game, but we found out that it gives the old rewards again if you join testing place after you buy it in the main place. I couldn’t figure out why it happens since we kept it very basic? So say someone bought the gamepass, a message displays in chat stating they dropped coins on everyone, if they join the updated servers it repeats the message?


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Can you show the script? We can’t help much if we don’t see how it was made

This shouldn’t be a problem… Are you sure this is not a mismanagment of datastore or processing?? Could you show your code? Are the testing place and the main place connected to the same universe? So many unanswered questions

To me, It seems that your problem is that you are not returning Enum.ProductPurchaseDecision.PurchaseGranted in your ProcessReceipt callback.


Yes there are in the same universe, we do return it as well.