Help with mobile input design

Can you guys please try out this game on your mobile device (preferably tablet) and tell me what you think? I need to know:

  1. How hard is it to drive?
  2. How hard is it to drift?
  3. Are the controls too large? Too small? (i know theyre sorta small on phones)
  4. What other control methods do you prefer?
  5. How sensitive are the controls?
  6. Bugs / comments



What game?

Didnt copy correctly, updated

Any testers and comments appreciated

Testing now. Give me an hour.

It took me less then 30 seconds to identify many key bugs, all which now an be summed up in a single image.

Touching the steering wheel does not rotate but in fact just holds the horn. Also, the pedals don’t work. The only thing that DID work was the P symbol when I tapped it.

Also, I don’t think those UIs are aligned correctly. I’m on an iPad Pro.

No everything does work, you grab the outer part of the steering wheel and the pedals are variable, you probably did not try to fiddle with the controls. And it works fine on my phone, tested it already.

If you’d like, I can record me fiddling with it to show you how it doesn’t work. If be being hasty is the problem, I’m come out and address it afterwards.

Well i dont see how it can work on phone but not tablet. Works perfectly fine for me in testing mode.

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Yes, I’m correct. It didn’t work. Perhaps the layout is the problem. Your phone screen is much wider and narrower than my iPad screen. Perhaps the touch interest isn’t working?

Have you tried it on the phone?

No because I have an Android that is too slow to run Roblox. Let me post the recording I did of it

Here is me trying it on iPad.

Um excuse me the wheel definitely turns and youre not sliding up on the pedals… Why are you such a liar? The horn honks when the tap is near the center of the wheel.

The wheel did in fact turn this time, yes. And I was sliding on the pedals. I tried pressing in multiple ways, rotating the screen, etc. I think the placement of their touch interest got messed up when the UIs got squished.

And how dare you call me a liar when I’m trying to be nice and help you fix a bug in your game. Handle it yourself. Goodbye.

Because you were saying nothing was working and/or responding as if it wasnt even processing your input so you completely try not to describe the situation as it is and you also act like the game is poorly designed on purpose and have a really bad attitude. Do not act innocent when you are being ignorant.
"Touching the steering wheel does not rotate" From Video
I am trying to get assistance on the game and giving me incorrect information and not telling me how I should adjust things is not helping.

Yes, the first time nothing responded aside from the P and horn. On the second go, the steering wheel responded. The pedals are the problem and I believe it’s because of the squishing of the UIs. However, you can’t accuse someone of outright being ignorant or a liar because they discover a problem with your mechanics. I’m done here. Goodbye.

I thought I made it pretty clear that this had nothing to do with it. I want correct information, explanation, and error logs if something goes on. Not a complaint, passive aggressive comment, and misleading details. Failure at QA is not my fault. If I came on as disrespectful I am only trying to see what is going on and I cannot do that if I cant prove or understand whats happening.

Perhaps my comment was a bit rude. I apologize. I’ll give it on more chance, but this time I’ll record my iPad from my cell phone and upload that for you to see.