Help with motivation/ideas on my game

I’m working on a fighting game but I’m not sure what it’s missing. It feels out of place and it’s boring to me, and I’m starting to have lack of motivation.

The game:

Please give advice.


I am aware of the sword bug. I was just experimenting around with tools

If this is in the wrong category please tell me.

Wow. No replies. Well uh alrighty there’s the downfall of my game :smiley:

best game i played inf/0

add more memes

while playing I found a bug with the bat where the holding animation wouldn’t stop when I switched to different tools and I don’t know if the sword even works but I love the bloxy cola animation and maybe add a throw attack where you grab enemies or maybe add a boss or something to fight when there’s no players online but other than that I think it has solid potential and I’d love to see a different take to the average fighting game with a cool mechanic or something like changing the camera to top down idk

boring, not much, try to play other fighting games and revolve your idea around it, then with that make something original, better.

I have already stated the sword bug.

Sorry I didn’t see the note button.

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