Help with Motor6D

I’m using tools, and I’m creating my own tool Motor6D welds for specific control reasons and animation reasons and the fact that Roblox’s system requires a Handle. My current system is: When the tool is equipped, create a motor6D attaching the weapon. When it’s unequipped, delete the Motor6D. Everything works perfectly and the C0 and physics are behaving properly, but since this needs to be done on the server to replicate Tool.Equipped has some delay when firing, so there is a noticeable delay between equipping and the motor6d being created. The tool will just float in space for around 0.2 seconds before the Motor6D is created. Is there anything I can do that will stop this? I’m thinking to create the Motor6D once when the tool is initialized and then don’t mess with it again. Will that work?

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What you are saying is identical to this community tutorial, you could check this topic out.

Would have never thought of doing it on the client first for better visuals. Thanks.