Help with moving wheels

This may be easy to not understand, I’ll try to explain it and be as concise as possible.

Recently I have been a AI car, now its nothing special I just made a conveyor belt and heres the part im struggling with, To make sure ALL parts of the car moved with the belt I put all of the parts into the primarypart, then I welded all of them to all the parts of the car. That works just fine.

I have a wheel move script which works fine problem is when the wheels are welded I can’t play the tween that makes the wheels move in a circle.

I’ve tried, weld contraints, using seats to move the car.

Any help will be appreciated

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Welds prevent the part from moving. Use HingeConstraint instead, and then give it a motor. Use this Getting Started as a reference.

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It works, but only when not in contact with the ground

Which method?
If neither works, I can only suggest watching a video on how player-driven cars work, then installing the AI onto it.


Sorry, use this instead. It should explain how to use Constraints to build a car better than I ever could.

So you want the car just to move on a conveyor and have the wheels spin?
You could try putting a slightly larger Part under the car that’s Transparent so the car rides on that and the HingeConstraint wheels can be either just above the ground, or CanCollide off so they can spin.

If it moves in a straight line I’d go with a PrismaticConstraint attached to the car to make it move, then just put the wheels on HingeConstraints with the ActuatorType set to None so the wheels just coast on the surface the car is on.

Alright I’ll be sure to test it out today

Yeah that helped alot just gonna try merge methods see if that works

Hello, I figured out how to do this Animations, I’m going to try do a tutorial for any other person with this issue