Help with moving

Hello all,

recently I had problems with scaling, now I have problems with the move tool, I can’t keep the parts straight when I move them, they basically rotate whenever I start moving them if that makes sense, this happens when I select multiple parts, but one part is fine, here’s a video showing the issue, please help me. Thanks

– Cr_xstak


Hi there! I recommend trying to remove constraints (Which is on the Model Tab, under Collisions) Maybe that could help?


Try turning off constraints, near the Select, Move, Scale, and Rotate tools.

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This is an issue that has been present since the dawn of time.

The issue occurs when one attempts to move two parts, unions or models simultaneously.


I am afraid to say that the only solution that I am aware of to solve this problem is that you will be required to move each part, union or model independently to prevent said part, union or model from rotating.

Of course, you are welcome to attempt other methods.

Uhh… That sounds scary?
I’ve been building in studio for 3+ years, so I don’t see why I haven’t seen this happen before, I don’t know, but I’m definitely not going to move each part individually, that’s terrible, got any other suggestions?

Have you attempted to turn off constraints like the suggestions before mine?

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I just did, it seems to be a problem with it on. Thank you everyone for your suggestions.