Help with Multiple NetworkOwners / a way to have multiple cannons without input delay

So, I have a boat game and I have a problem with cannons. Whenever a player adds an input for the cannons, the input gets delayed 0.2-0.6 sec, depending on ping and all that stuff. The reason is because the cannon and the ship’s network owner is the Server.

I can’t just set the cannon’s network owner to the player, as all the cannons and the entire ship’s network owner gets changed to the player. I tried to use AlignPosition and AlignOrientation as “mock welds” so the cannon has a different networkowner as the rest of the ship, but that doesn’t work.

I need help, and I can’t find a solution anywhere.


I figured out a solution. I used motor6Ds, and have all cannons be client-sided, and have a module update all cannons cliently. When a ship is spawned, a new table for the ship is made in the module with the new cannons, and as all the clients loop through, they will create cannons for said spawned ship.

server will loop through the module to check if a cannon’s angle is physically possible, and correct any that aren’t physically possible. (cough, exploiters)