Help with my Automated Teleport System

So basically I’m making a hangout like game that focuses on the aesthetics of liminal spaces. If you don’t know what those are you can search them out. So I haven’t been scripting for a while it made me rusty and I am having problems with my current Automated Teleport System. What does automated mean? I want it so I don’t need to type in the variable or table the teleport part places one by one, but instead let the script do it automatically.

Refer to these images:

So what I did is try to list the TextLabels as “v” when clicked on and when I try to find the same name on the TeleportParts folder it calls the place of the TextLabels.

I’m so bad at explaining this, but basically I want this automated as much as possible since I’m gonna be having alot of Teleport Points in game.
Help would be appreciated.

You can use the index for this i guess? So it would be game.Workspace.TeleportParts[i]

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19:11:38.332 - 1 is not a valid member of Folder “Workspace.TeleportParts”

That’s from the output window, the [i] is only reading it as numbers, I wan’t it to call as a Name. Sorry but my explanation is so confusing.

Get all of the parts in that folder, add them to a table with “table.insert()”, and then to get the name YourTableName[i] which should return a instance you can then use, make sure to use tostring() if needed.

Uhh sorry but I haven’t really delved into the world of tables yet, can you help me get the gist of what your saying? (Table’s have really been a problem for me, even with other languages)

Basically, when you get the teleport bricks eith GetDescendants or GetChildren for each you do table.insert(TpBricks, part) TpBricks = {}
Hopefully that helps in some way?

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This might also help:

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Ohh yeah. Sorry i ment game.Workspace.TeleportParts:GetChildren()[i]

Then you can index it.

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