Help with my next project

Ok I have been making all-sorts of projects such as cars, guns, spaceships, horror(there are not public just projects)

So I want to try to make a “Tokyo Ghoul” fan-game as a project, I wonder will it be possible for it to become popular

edit:"if the game was made i will try to distant it from the original tokyo ghoul to make it look inspired "

Anime games are popular but hated by most DEVs and professional players.
It would work if you clutch. Otherwise stop making Phuking Anime games :sob:

what do you meant by

It would work if you clutch

i am just making a project not planning to make it to a game

just asking if it will be good idea to turn it to a game

There’s already a tokyo ghoul fan game named Ro-Ghoul iirc, it’s been 2nd-3rd page popular for years now. As a learning project it may be interesting but if you’re planning on competing in the market for anime games, I wouldn’t advise picking a show that has already been done with a strong footing.


thanks for replying I am currently working on another game, i might make just the project and use some of the source-code in the game