Help with my rng game

I REALLY bad want to make a rng game like sol’s rng, but I want my to have a unique mechanics to make it more fun and its not all “Oh this has more players so its better” (ik some people are not like that but I’m just saying). I do have plans for cooler pull animations and morphs but what else could I do? Maybe minigames that give you blessings? I don’t know that’s why I made this post.


The pull animations are: 1k-10k noob digging through dumpster then pulls out aura, 10k-100k same thing but when he pulls it out it has a star glint, 100k-1m Shows a forgery with a person forging your aura, 1m+ shows a royal hall with soldiers playing trumpets at the side the camera tweens to the king which then he points his spear up to show a glass art then the glass art shatters your screen then fades white then it shows your aura.


This post is horribly misplaced. This is the “scripting support” channel. If your code has bugs in it, we’ll help you fix it. We’re not giving you ideas for games here. You should do that in a different channel. Do some digging ad you’ll find the appropriate one, delete this post before a mod catches onto it.


Oh crap your right. Lemme change it.

Try making it so that players can fight with their auras and get skins or something for killing players. Or get coins for getting an aura (for example, for a rare aura with a 1/100 chance you will get 100 coins) and spend those coins on skins or something else.

Thats already been done. I like the idea though, but I wanna keep it a bit more chill

Maybe try to make the map bigger, and different auras will drop in different locations? (For example, the “Rage” aura will only drop in a volcanic location). You can also upgrade your auras by finding the same ones and combining them

That could be cool. I did want to make a Bigger map so i could have bigger auras.

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That great idea. I would recommend checking Cookie Run Kingdom gacha animation for inspiration. They have great and visually pleasing animations.

I’ve already played it. I’ve gotten master 1 so I’ve played it for a while. that was the original inspiration for the pull animations lol

here is some good advice, don’t make an rng game.

I can make what I want, if you think that they are not fun then that’s your opinion.

That great, keep adding more unique features as there is a lot of competition in the rng genre. Also develop whatever you want don’t let others discourage you and good luck!

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Its not even a “game” its just a turn your computer on for 12 hours afk, come back to flex, repeat

What is your problem? Let us have our fun.

Nah I don’t have a problem but just say your doing it for the money I mean come on we all no there is no passion behind rng games

I have fun playing them and making auras. plus, none of my games had made money. It all because this is what my friends and I like.

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I mean there is a lot of people enjoy rng games including me and possibly you since you have ‘Sol’s RNG’ in your favorites.

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I also want to include a lot more exploring. @komet01_DASH brought up the idea of biomes that have exclusive auras and I think it will be cool to have different blessing that can be found around the map and maybe artifacts (like gauntlets).