Help with my sword

Ok so basicaly i already saw someone do this :

(to do not get the default tool animation)

So i would like to know how its possible to get the .Activated From the tool

thank ^^

I haven’t done developing in a while however this might work


i’m gonna try right now thank for the reply

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Make sure its in a local script inside the tool

Activated is an event, not a property, so I don’t think this will work. @Yuna_Bikusen why do you have the tool inside of a model?

Oh - my bad. Like I said, I haven’t touched on developing in a while.

Sorry! :sweat_smile:

@fvazer Oh yeah no worries. It could still work, its always worth a try!

@Yuna_Bikusen you could just detect when they press down with their mouse and then check if they are holding the tool.


If it doesn’t work - try this maybe…

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Because, i dont want the basic pose of the tool

because I would like to put an animation that I want by default without having to :Play() each time

dont work i tried, the local script isnt running idk why tho

Do some testing.

print("Local Script Loaded")

Once again, make sure the local script is inside of the tool.

I don’t think I understand what you want. So you don’t want them to hold the tool, or do you want them to hold the tool but the tool to be rotated?

I want them to hold the tool but without the default tool animation

tool inside the model :

tool inside the character ( so normal) :

You can just adjust the tool’s grip forward, grip up, grip pos, grip right properties.

what i mean is that i want to the tool be like that :

and not like that :

Yes changing some of those properties will rotate the tool, so there is no need to put it in a model.

If you want to remove the normal tool idle, then put this script in SSS:
Replace NOHANDOUT_ID with an animation ID that you’d like


local function DisableHandOut(character)
	local Animator = character.Animate
	local Animation ="Animation")
	Animation.AnimationId = ""..NOHANDOUT_ID

	local ToolNone = Animator:FindFirstChild("toolnone")
	if ToolNone then
		local NewTool ="StringValue")
		NewTool.Name = "toolnone"
		Animation.Name = "ToolNoneAnim"
		Animation.Parent = NewTool
		NewTool.Parent = Animator


I took this script from another post, credit to them. Cant remember which.