Help with naming a game?

I’m honestly struggling to come up with a decent name for my current Project -

The game revolves around space exploration where Players are given a Starship of their own to explore the Universe - They upgrade the ships by ranking up etc. etc.

I’m trying to avoid anything too generic.

I need some help, please.

  • ‘StarByss’.
  • ‘Galactic Exploration’.
  • ‘The Dark Abyss’ / ‘Void’.
  • ‘Cosmo Cruiser’.
  • ‘OuterOcean’

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Hello, :wave:
You can basicaly just call it ‘‘Project Universe’’, it sounds great but don’t know if it already exists so I don’t know.
Have a good day! :hugs:


I would say game names are something that you discover while making the game. Personally, I begin by giving my projects “project names” (such as “Project Space”) to make things simple. Later on in development, I usually stumble upon some cool name I can use for the game.

If the above approach doesn’t end up working, I usually do one of the following:

  1. Look up synonyms for a generic word described in the game (ex. Earth => Tellus).
  2. Name the game after something you do or say in the game (ex. Jailbreak, Adopt me)
  3. If I’m making a mysterious game, you can find the translation of generic words in latin.

I totally agree with you! :+1:
Just name it ‘‘Project…’’ for the start and then when you have a great naming just name it how you want.

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Universal Exploration?

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The Great Beyond
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Exponential Discovery

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That game already exists lol, Liftoff 🚀 - Roblox

The Black Abyss (or The Deep Void), a cool name that some people use to refer to space.


Universe Travel, Spaceship Travel, I don’t know.

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Beyond Infinity

Expanding the Horizon

Idk it really depends more on your game. If your game has an inner meaning, try to play on what that is.


Cosmo Cruiser

because you’re in space w/ cosmoes


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I like all of the ideas shown here!
Issue is, outstanding names are taken up by big-branded-company-games.

Like I absolutely LOVE the title of: StarOcean - But alas, it has been taketh.

Well yes, but actually no.
At least from here.

Looks like a more sci-fi themed game.

Just add some exotic prefixes to your game name, just to name a few:


Then have a brief name on how the game play is like and add that prefix(possibly a suffix, too). And blend those words together:

Radical + Space = Radiace (ray - dee - ace)
Cosmic + Galaxy = Comilaxy (com - i - lax - ee)
Atomic + Travel + Ship = Atotraship (aye - toe - tra - ship)

oh lol i straight up thought with my mind

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I always had the thought that, If I have to give something a name, it better tell me what the game is about, or what the project is about. You can use an iconic name for a game, like The sims, Overwatch or Half-Life, but sometimes you have to give a clue about what the game is about, what you expect from the game. It might sound ridiculous because you can expect a sci-fi game if the name is sci-fi, but I mean more technical, what you can imagine will happen if you play the game. Yeah, it’s a sci-fi game, but it can be a sci-fi game about fighting in spaceships, a sci-fi game about destroying suns, a sci-fi game about mining materials, a fps sci-fi game where people fight in the moon, a sci-fi/medieval MOBA game, or whatever else. Just spotting sci-fi as it is can get people to confusion about the gameplay, not the genre, the genre is recognizeable, but people come for gameplay.

If the game is named, for example:

  • Grand Theft Auto, you expect to be able to steal cars, and you can
  • Battlefield, you expect to fight in a battlefield, and you do
  • Sonic the hedgehog, you expect to see sonic, and you do
  • Wii sports, why not. You expect to play sports in the wii, and you can

You can think that defining the game’s name by the genre is the only way around, and it probably is because it defines the genre, but you have to define the gameplay, so it’s not just about what people expect from your game, it’s also what people expect from your sci-fi game.

That’s why I voted for the one that defines the gameplay and the genre.

If you were making games at a big corporation, then I’d understand if your game’s name is something iconic like Cosmo Cruiser or The Dark Abyss, because at that point you got fans waiting to know about the most recent game, and they will read the description. On roblox it’s all about first impression, and the first impression comes from the game’s name and the game’s icon, not the description, even less if it’s a long description.

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