Help with NetworkOwnership

Hello everyone, i’m trying to understand NetworkOwnership and how it works

Some recent exploits have abused that function, what is the harm of it and how can i prevent it?

i’ve seen patches like NetworkOwnership Exploit Patch but exploiters can still bypass it, Thanks

Roblox have an explanation on this here

You can also refer to this post for additional questions.

This answer is based off your topic, there is not much to manipulate if you try hard enough there can be but they can only really get to the Physics RemoteEvents and RemoteFunctions by watching them in local scripts and then abusing them (see above answer link for more detailed explanation)


I’m not sure if its the same function, i tried to make every part network ownership to nil in workspace

Could you try giving me an explanation of what your trying to do just to get a better look?

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So, my game has been abused by exploiters, i’ve found out it was network ownership so i patched it, the next day i try to see if there was any exploiters and i saw a couple of them doing ReAnimations or whatever they call them, tried to set it so every 20 seconds it sets every part’s network to nil, unanchored control scripts are fixed but im talking about the reanimations.

I’m not too sure of any anti exploits for this kind of stuff, sorry.

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Thank you, i’ll try to find one.

Is there any way to read this property SimulationRadius?

At the moment, its a hidden property, and you cannot read it, but you could do .Changed event then print it.