Help with npc falling down

Hello, I am having an issue with the custom model I made for the enemy within my game.
Whenever I unanchor it, playing an animation or not, it constantly falls to the floor.

(Go to the end of the video to see the effects, it took a while to run the game)

Some info:

All parts are cancollide apart from the cane
The hipheight is at the rootpart height
Additional Image of all the parts in the Model

I have tried changing the properties of the humanoid and other aspects mentioned in posts with similar issues but with no result.
Do I have to change something about the model? What can fix this?

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have you tried setting the hip height?

Yes I have the hipheight at the height of the rootpart

did you disable cancollide for all the body parts except for the hewd and humanoidrootpart?

I tried it, but it goes through the floor.

You didn’t anchor it maybe.

is platformstand on? if it is, then turn it off

also, try making the hip height taller too

Try making all the parts above the feet / legs massless.

I have found the solution, apparently the root part HAS to be named HumanoidRootPart otherwise the humanoid would not work with hipheight and other properties.