Help with npc pls

What I am trying to do is when a player’s character gets removed (character.CharacterRemoving), to duplicate the character and keep it in the same place.

What I have done is :

    local v = plrs:GetPlayerFromCharacter(char)
    if v and v.Character and v.Character:FindFirstChild("Humanoid") then 
        v.Character.Archivable = true 
        local cl = v.Character:Clone() 
                cl.Parent = game.Workspace
        v.Character.Archivable = false 
        if cl then cl:Destroy() end

What it does is when i die the model dies due to the humanoid, however when I destroy the humanoid all the clothes disappear. What would be a solution?

clone the character before hand, id its already removing then most likely the model will be incomplete due to the fact that parts are missing. Also the fact that it will remove all clothing when removing.

Maybe try changing the dummy’s Health when it’s spawned in? That may or may not work.

Already tried, thanks though. :slight_smile: