Help with particle emitters not working

I am trying to make a confetti particle emitter for an obby game I’m working on. Every time you get to a new checkpoint, the confetti shoots out from the checkpoint.

The problem is, I scripted it (the code is very simple) yet the particle emitters won’t emit anything.

I have looked at the official Roblox documentation to check if I messed something up but I didn’t. They use the :Emit function the exact same way I do.

This is the function that handles the particles. Everything about this code works completely fine except for the line that says “emitter:Emit(50)”. It doesn’t emit anything and it doesn’t throw an error either. I don’t know if I’m overlooking something really simple or if I legitimately just found a Roblox Studio bug.

local function newCheckpointVFX(checkpoint)
	local tempFolder = workspace.Temp or"Folder", workspace)
	tempFolder.Name = "Temp"
	local vfx = particleVFX:Clone()
	vfx.CFrame = checkpoint.CFrame
	vfx.Parent = tempFolder
	debris:AddItem(vfx, 5)
	for _, emitter in pairs(vfx:GetChildren()) do
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Right now all your doing is putting particles in a folder, it doesn’t know a place on the workspace to put it, to fix this you should make an attachment on a checkpoint and clone the vfx to there then emit the particles, wait a bit, then destroy it

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or if your “particleVFX” is a part with particle emitters are attached to them then that most likely means you have to enable those particle emitters but set the rate to 0

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yes this is the case for me but unfortunately that is a solution I tried already and it didn’t work. I feel like it might just be a bug bc when I have the rate set to something greater than 0 and the emitters enabled, the particles show up and I can see them.

There is something wrong about the :Emit() function it seems

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Im getting the same thing trust I have my emitter in Camera and through debug everything working fine its just not physically working. I doubt this is a bug I just cannot seem to find a fix

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I’m having the same issue, but I think the main problem is the clone function because the particle emitters work just fine with the original part/model, but when I clone it, the particle emitters stop working. The particle emitters only work if they are enabled and the Rate is greater than 0 like the OP said, but with the original part/model, the Emit function works even if the particle emitters are disabled. I think the Emit function might just not work on cloned particle emitters but I’m not sure.

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Having a similar issue where some particles do not emit. It’s pretty weird and it’s only been happening recently. I can’t seem to find much of a fix. From what I see it emits on the server but not the client :confused:

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ParticleEmitters are weird when you parent them and then try to emit. Try putting a small wait before the for loop.


You are a lifesaver bro thank u so much lol, this seemed to work i can’t thank you enough