Help with Perlin Noise generation


I am trying to generate a normal perlin noise texture

When I try to do it, I am continuously getting this:

I am so lost, because it either looks like what was described as “wood” by one resource I read, or it just looks like random noise:

I have determined that firstly, I cannot just use integers in math.noise, so I must divide all of the coordinates going into the function by at least 10 so that they become decimals of some sort. I have also determined that the larger the number I divide by, the more it “zooms in”. I want it to zoom in a lot, but I don’t want me resulting texture to look like wood, I want it to look like the nice blurry noise from the first picture.

I am really struggling to understand why this is happening, as terrain generators use math.noise and have no problems. Part of my research was trying to find a roblox-provided terrain generator script, because I remember one existing on the old developer hub, but it seems they deleted a lot of the tutorials since the switch, so I was unable to find that.

Help would be greatly appreciated. For context, here is my code:

My perlin noise “generator” function:

local function getPerlinValue(x: number, y: number?, z: number?)
	y = y or 0
	z = z or 0
	return math.noise(x/10, y/10, PERLIN_SEED)

My “image” generator function:

local function generateImage()
	for x = -500, 500, 5 do
		local f ="Folder")
		f.Name = x
		for y = -500, 500, 5 do
			createPart(, 50, y),, 5, 5), getPerlinValue(x, y), f)
		f.Parent = partFolder

And for reference, my part creator function:

local function createPart(Position: Vector3, Size: Vector3, Color: number, parent)
	local p ="Part")
	p.Anchored = true
	p.Position = Position
	p.Size = Size
	p.Material = Enum.Material.SmoothPlastic
	p.Color = Color3.fromHSV(0, 0, Color* 100)
	p.Parent = parent

Thanks in advance!


Your colors are looping around because the range is too big. Noise has a range of +/- 1 which fromRGB and fromHSV all have components that must be between 0 and 1

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Even if I correct for that I still get the same thing.
Corrected line:

return (math.clamp(math.noise(x/300, y/300, PERLIN_SEED), -1, 1) + 1) / 2


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Okay, I figured it out. It was a dumb goof.

In this line I was treating HSV like it went from 0 to 100:

p.Color = Color3.fromHSV(0, 0, Color* 100)

Even though HSV only goes from 0 to 1

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