Help with picking an art style

Hello developers,
So today I want to do a new art style and I need some help on what style I want to do roblox characters and start a portfolio but I don;’t know how to get people attracted to my art if anyone could help it would be nice!

It depends what you like. I suggest Roboto.

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If you are making a builder portfolio,vI suggest specialising in low poly. There is a lot of demand for that build style and can get you far with commissions if you’re somewhat decent.

Details please?
I’d suggest looking at the latest trends… I know that the aesthetics are still a huge trend, so I’d say pursue that

Well, in my own experience, it was a ton of trial-and-error. I originally started designing outside of Roblox and for that reason, in particular, I have a unique art style. This post essentially covers what not to do, what to do, and the flaws in certain aspects of art styles.

The downfalls of Roblox designing:

The problem is, the Roblox community is literally (and this is not an exaggeration) just a copy-paste of a single art style. It’s the same exact process for almost EVERY designer in this community. Load up Blender 3D, import a Roblox character, search up how to rig it on YouTube, render it, and apply a very low-quality effect overlay. This isn’t to say that some aren’t quality. However, it is constantly a repeat of the same style over and over again. With that said, the absolute best piece of advice I can give to you for finding your art style is to not design for a sole and particular game/genre. The reason for this is, designers in a certain community are so accustomed to the same bland designs that when we’re presented with a legitimate and quality piece of work, we deny it and label it as uncanny to a ‘Roblox design’.

My own personal experience:

Funny enough, my first ever designs were when I was part of a certain gaming community. I always looked at the designs people would credit as “GODLY!”, “GOATED!!!”, “Heatttt!”, etc., and think to myself, “Is this seriously the standard?”. Bear in mind, I wasn’t even a designer back then. So, you know what I did? I branched out from the norms and developed my own 'photo manipulation/realism" style of designing. It began with people saying, “Ehhh, I don’t know”, “Too realistic”, etc. but, eventually, people got around to it and I started gaining traction for it. Nowadays, theres now tons of designers with that style and the designing community now incorporates almost every single designing aesthetic and style under the sun.


Don’t design for the sake of following the crowd, experiment with styles, and it will come to you naturally.