Help With Player Camera!

Hello, I hope you all who are viewing this are doing well!


  • Camera Moves Fine But The Character Follows up on the movement.
  • Character is showing when Turning
  • Player can’t turn without seeing the character

I have tried looking on the Dev Forum and I have no found anything in use.
Some things to Note: I am not a scripter I have little knowledge of coding of any scripting language.
I am using a SKINNED MESH Character not a R15, R16 or Rthro character.
I cannot have my character transparent at all because I have tools set up that will float in the air if I turn the transparency to 1

The code I present in my video is from a tutorial that I found a long time ago, I will try to find it but it will have to be in the Reply section because of the time it will take to find.

I hope you can tell me how to make this so my character is NOT show when I turn (however I do want to see me character I just want the camera to not show unneeded stuff when I turn.)
If you can send me a video, or tell me how to do this, that will be really much appreciated!

Video Link:

So do you want to make a first lerson camera view or so???

Please watch the video, I explained that I wanted a First person camera. I showed the code and everything of what I was using for stuff.
Also any scripts that would be able to fix the camera, cannot have anything naming “Head, torso, etc” bc it is a skinned mesh

It’d be helpful if you could post the code here instead of showing it in the video so I can read it a bit easier, but it seems like you need to be setting the characters position more often.

I’m not sure why its like that without seeing code, but you should use BindToRenderStep to set the characters rotation to update every frame before the camera moves.

idk what bind to renderstep is but I will show the code right now.
again I do not know how to even script this stuff.

EDIT: The code is Readable, there should be no reason why you can’t see it.
if it is pixeled than boost the video quality to the highest please.