Help With Providing Word Definitions from a Citable Source

If I wanted to create a dictionary for younger audiences, would I be able to use a source, such as a Merriam Webster’s Dictionary with citations, or would I only be allowed to write my own definitions? This is intended to educate, and I want my words/definitions to be as official as possible.

I don’t know if this is the right decision, but I think it’s possible. Taking different words from Merriam Webster’s and Dictionary. com is the best option in my opinion. There may be plug-ins and software built for this but I don’t know those as of now.

I’ll probably take the safe road here and summarize multiple source definitions into a clean compilation. I’ll give this post a little time, and mark you down as the solution if there’s no better options!

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Wiktionary is a great open-source dictionary, if you cite it as just “Wiktionary” without a link it should be fine.

For the most part, I’m looking for something that’s institutionally accepted worldwide, to a great extent. I’m not invalidating Wiktionary, but what I’m looking for is something the majority will agree on, in terms of being official. Again, I’m not hitting on Wiktionary, just looking for something that isn’t edited by the community openly. Regardless of all my blabbering, this is a great option I’m still considering!