Help with ranking people via script (noblox.js)

I want to be able to rank people in game via a script, but I have some questions about noblox.js. These all have to do with getting my roblosecurity cookie. I’m use Chrome btw.

  1. Does the incognito window have to run at all times? My pc isn’t the best, so it doesn’t do well if I don’t shut it down after every time I use it, so this could be a problem.
  2. In the How Do I Obtain My Cookie section, it says to sign into your bot account. What is this?
  3. In step 4 for the Chrome instructions, I can’t find the application tab. Where is it?

(Sorry if these are stupid questions. I’ve never done any scripting like this before.)

No. You can just copy the roblosecurity cookie and close the browser (don’t sign out or it’ll refresh it).

For this, you’ll need to create a new account which you want the bot to be running on. Create/sign in to your bot account in the incognito window.

You right-click on the page, and press “Inspect”. Then you’ll see a list of tabs in the window that opens. Click on the “application” tab and continue whatever you’re following.

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Is it a Roblox bot account? If so, how do I create one?

No, it’s just a normal Roblox account.

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I have one more question that came up. Where do I type the line of code that installs noblox.js?

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Hmm. I found where to put it in but it’s having trouble with the npm part. Did I do something wrong? I’m putting it into Node.js.

You open up your preferred terminal and input the command into there.

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Sorry, but I’ve never done any real scripting other than lua, so where can I find a terminal?

The questions you’re asking me can be easily googled.

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Oh, sorry. I didn’t think about that. Again, sorry for bothering you.

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