Help With Realistic Forest

Hey, I want to make a game with a mid-high realistic forest. However, I just don’t know how to make such realistic bushes/plants like showcase games and realistic models make them. Does anyone have any inputs on how these mid-high realistic models/showcase vegetation is made, but still allowed on roblox? (under 20k tris)


The one method that i know is importing blender assets into Roblox with the use of Decimate modifier.

Botaniq (Blender Addon) → Roblox
Quixel → Blender → Roblox

For graphics you can set lighting mode to Future. Also try to use post-processing effects. Make sure that graphics quality in Studio settings is set to lvl 21.

I hope you get the point.


I do, Thank you! I use blender so I’d be using the addon.

But if you want custom hue or snow on leaves in Botaniq, you need to learn how to use texture baking in Blender.

There are some tutorials on this that may help:

Ryan King Art’s tutorial on baking from one UV to another

Ryan King Art’s tutorial on baking multiple materials to one texture

Ryan King Art’s tutorial on texture baking

In some cases Botaniq model can have messy UV for baking, so I include uv tutorials.

Ryan King Art’s tutorial on UV unwrapping

Blender Guru’s tutorial on UV unwrapping

Try looking for 3d scans on your 3d asset website of choice. Then find a tutorial on how to optimize them. (the ones I found usually go- import mesh, clean it up(remove unwanted parts) export as obj.- import to instant meshes & reduce the poly count- import back - uv unrap- bake texture onto new mesh. !)