Help with REALISTIC rain

Hello Everyone! So I’m making a game like The Forest right now. And I want to make the most beautiful graphics that look like the same Unreal Engine (similar). But, I can’t make average REALISTIC rain for the game.

There is table that what I want to recive:

  • The terrain was wet
  • There were splashes of water
  • Dripping realistically

I’ve tried to use particles, but it looks terrible. So I’m here to ask how to make it.
If anyone can help, it would be appreciated! Thanks.

P.S. I don’t know where I need to post this topic, so I posted it in Scripting Support.


to make the drops fall is what makes your graphics stand out the most, but let’s start with the easy part:

[quote=“notqaltx, post:1, topic:2318803, username:uid3v”]
The terrain was wet
[/quote] you need to have great skills in photoshop to make realistic decals, if your terrain has a lot of curves you need to make the water in blender with animations, for the rest I recommend the fast cast module (almost for everything) and I heard there is another module that makes realistic physics for the particles, personally your idea is hard to make so do your best.

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this could lag other devices when its with realistic rain since splashes and any of those could make mobile devices crash or some people with bad computer would not play the game so you could like try making it seem realistic but not that realistic but you prob might add a way to disable but just a reminder aight?


You lost me when you said you wanted your graphics to be on the same level as unreal engine haha


I understood what you mean, but I don’t understand how I need to make it, so it would be like my terrain.

Yeah, I find some module that makes 3D particles, and that is what I was looking for!

Honestly I do think this is possible. How ever I would say start looking into practically scripting an addition to the Roblox Physic’s engine. So you would need to modify the physics of the game either different things, for instance making water you might need to make custom meshes that change based on the characters movement. How ever this could get very laggy. So I’m not exactly sure where you should start your research but I would love to see how you go about this!


If you’re really good at scripting, you could use a gui of a line of rain and calculate its size and position with a lot of math and camera stuff. For everything else it’ll cause alot of lag unless you remake raycasts to suit your needs, OR you could sort of “fake” the wet terrain and drip effects and make them completely separate to rain if that makes sense.

I’m not that good at scripting, but the idea is great and I can try it.

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