Help with Roblox Water Normals

I’m trying to change Roblox’s default water normal maps into ones that resemble Minecraft water textures.

I used a static test image and encountered a few issues:

  • Tiling is “randomized” with varying distances and overlapping (although this might be because the image size is larger than 256 pixels)
This is the test image I used:

This is how Roblox tiles it:

  • cannot export .dds files with a transparancy gradient which is why the test image looks as it does (The green tint is intentional because Roblox water uses a Roughness/AO map)

  • The Roblox animated water uses 25 individual images that it swaps out quickly to give it an illusion of movement. The problem lies in the fact that Roblox has this value locked at 25 and cannot be brought up or down, meaning, that if there are less than 25 images, the water will display nothing until the animation loops and there are images present, and if there are more, Roblox will simply ignore the extra images.

Roblox’s water animation has 25 frames. Minecraft’s water animation has 32.

If anyone could answer these questions or at least tell me that it isn’t possible, please let me know. I have ZERO coding experience and am really looking for answers on how to edit/change these values. Thanks


Just by looking at the image it appears that the texture is getting blended with itself to stop visible patterns from showing up and since Minecraft’s water is a set pattern, it probably won’t work.

I actually did manage to get them imported and working. It looks fine except that the reflections are screwed up and the size is too big.