Help with Roblox's Gun Kit & NPCs

  1. So I’ve been messing around with Leaderstats in which I kill an NPC with a weapon and it gives them a + Cash & Kill stat, which has all been successful.

  2. But this has only worked for the Classic Sword and not the guns (like roblox’s ar, rpg, sniper & such).

  3. I’ve searched through videos where it tells me to edit the Weapon or to edit the NPC’s creators tags but still nothing has worked or I am doing something wrong. I’ve also tried adjusting the HumandoidRootPart of the NPC to make it easier to hit and as well as trying it on other NPCs, yet nothing seemed to work.

Here’s a video of me using both weapon as an example (Excuse the theme of the game, I got bored and decided to turn to brainrot):

Any help would be incredibly appreciated, if you require more information or a script let me know, I just don’t know what to post.

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