Help With Rotating Parts

Hello, recently I have been trying to make a obby style game. I was going to put rotating parts i but when I stand on the rotating brick I just fall off. I am a new scripter so I do not know much about this and need help.

Thanks, :slight_smile:

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Could you provide us with a GIF so we can gain an accurate assumption of what might be wrong. Also as you stated your new did you check if CanCollide is set to true

It is set to true, I will try to add a GIF soon.

Your script will be helpfull :slight_smile:

How are you rotating these bricks?

I am using a script so they continuously rotate but If i jump on they I will just fall off as they keep going but I want to be staying on them as they move.

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Is it pushing them off or are they just falling though the brick?

I can stand on the brick, but when it keeps moving I don’t move with it.

use BodyGyro and rotate it’s cframe each frame or something like that

use script.parent RotVelocity = x, y, z) sorry for not formatting code correctly.