Help with saving houses, pricing, and plot system!

Hello! I have been working on a new building system today. I followed a tutorial, so please do not comment about how you have seen the code on GamerM8’s channel!

Credit: GamerM8’s Placement System Tutorial Video!

I do have one request, please do NOT use this as open source. I know you can just go see the tutorial, but I request you just go watch the video. Write your own code!

Here is the file:
The File! Made by DevKeia. (99.0 KB)

That is the system I made!

What I want to achieve
I want to make it so the builds save, aswell I want to make it so you need enough cash to purchase it and you can only build on your plot! Is it possible?

What have I tried?
I have not attempted to do much yet, but I want to make the builds save, also, I want to put a price tag next to it! I also need to make it so

Thank you so much!

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Is anyone seeing this? Just no one has replied.


I edited your place file to include purchasing of the builds.

It fully saves your money and you can change the costs of builds by going to the attributes of the model right here.

Building_System_DevKeia.rbxl (101.2 KB)

Datasaving for the plots should be fairly easy, it’s just that in the original placefile you didn’t add any plots.

You should definitely try to make your own stuff before asking.

Your question has a pretty wide scope, but I’ll do my best to cover everything you asked about.

To save user data, you can use DataStoreService. Things like furniture, their position and orientation can be serialised into JSON objects. You can find resources for serialising things like CFrame data elsewhere on the Devforum.

For user-specific plots, you will need to create a system that keeps track of the existing plots and their owners. As for placing the furniture, you could have an invisible part to define the shape and size of the plot, and then use raycasting to figure out if the requested furniture position is within the bounds of the plot part.

The purchase mechanic seems to have already been handled by @Katrist while I was typing this.

Thank you! The ds for the leaderstats did not work. I will be definitely using that!

Yeah! Could you show me how I would do that? I don’t know alot about raycasting. Do you mind showing me an example, or maybe how I would go about doing that for the code?

Here is the file!
Manage.rbxl (103.4 KB)

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Documentation is your friend. I personally don’t currently have the time to implement it, but I recommend trying it out yourself as that’s the best (and the only good) way to learn. Or maybe someone else with more time on their hands will be able to do that.

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Did you turn on Access to API Services in game settings? It worked for me.