Help with scaling a GUI for mobile

I’m trying to make my GUI on my game fit the mobile screen, I’ve played around with scaling and offset yet i’m still struggling on how to make it fit.

Screenshots: Mobile Studio Test
On studio screen

Thank you.


You have to make the Offset to 0 and make the scale to as you want.
Also make sure you make the AnchorPoint to 0.5

Thank you i’ll try this. Currently the majority of my shop GUI’S clash with this timer Icon.

You should have TextScaled on for every TextLabel and other GuiObjects with text.

Hello I think I may know a solution, I use a plugin called ‘AutoScale Lite’ It makes scaling GUIs so much easier, I will leave a link to the plugin below.


How to use plugin:

Hope this helps. :smiley:

Have a good day!

Edit: Set anchor point of the GUI to (0.5,0.5) this makes it so you can position it correctly and then use the plugin.

Thank you! I found this earlier and have since been tinkering with it, i still get confused on fixing UI for mobile as I mess with settings till it works!

Thank you, most of my issues are ImageLabels annoyingly but ty for the text tip.