Help With Scaling/Building An Airport

Right, So I’ve always been motivated to build an airport on ROBLOX. The one I was planning to build is Queenstown Airport in New Zealand, and the toughest part for me is trying to scale it to the right size and then tracing the runway and taxiways properly.
So what I do right now is upload a Google Maps Image zoomed out of the airport into ROBLOX
Like So:

And then I would get a free model car, and scale it to a car in the parking lot so its the same size and then use the Curve Cutter Plugin to trace the runway and taxiway, and that’s as far as I’ve gotten and I’m not sure if its very efficient, I just wanted some help or pointers.


If you’re talking about making it the right size as of something like making it to small, or too large, I’d suggest spawning a dummy with the Build Rig plugin, and adjust the proportions with that, since it’s the size of a regular player.

I don’t think scaling the size of a runway with a player is the best option.

I know, I’m talking about scaling the vertical size of the building, etc. For the runway, maybe get a free-model plane to scale it, and then delete the plane after, or do what you said with the cars.

I would worry about getting the building and only the building done first. Runway will come naturally after.

Scaling in Roblox is always tough since a Robloxian isn’t the same height/width as a human.
Queenstown Airport main (paved) runway is 05R/23L and is 6,204ft (1,891m) long.
I typically use 1 foot = 1 stud as a rough scaling factor, which means a Robloxian comes out 4 feet wide and 5.125 feet tall since the Head Mesh scale is 1.25,1.25,1.25.
This would make your paved runway 6,204 studs long.
I tend to build my buildings a little wider than is actually to scale with doorways wider as well to fit to a Robloxian.