Help with ScreenGui not destroying after script is completed

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    Hello fellas, basically I want the screengui created by using the instance to be destroyed after the entire script finishes running, doesn’t seem to be working no matter what I try though, am I missing something?
    It’s supposed to act like a sort of loading screen for each player that joins the game!
local StarterGui = game:FindFirstChild("StarterGui")
local SoundService = game:FindFirstChild("SoundService")
local DoorOpenAndClose = SoundService.Door
local Footsteps = SoundService.Footstep

Here's the script! :

	print(player.Name.." has joined")
	local BlackScreen ="ScreenGui")
	BlackScreen.Enabled = true
	BlackScreen.Parent = StarterGui
    BlackScreen.IgnoreGuiInset = true

    local BlackScreenFrame ="Frame")
	BlackScreenFrame.Size =,1378,0,680)
    BlackScreenFrame.Active = true
    BlackScreenFrame.Parent = BlackScreen
    BlackScreenFrame.BackgroundColor3 = Color3.fromHSV(0, 0, 0)


I appreciate any type of help!

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I don’t understand. You’re trying to make a locally based instance on the server, the StarterGui is not shared.

Add a LocalScript in your PlayerGui, and replicate this process there minus the PlayerAdded connection.