Help with script. Building an obby game

Hey so I have always wanted to build an obby like a difficulty chart, however im a noob at this.
A few things i need help on because i never wanna use toolbox.

How do I code a conveyor.
How do I make a brick that only takes 10% damage.
Most importantly how do i make everyone who joins the game R6?

“edit” one more thing how do i make it so when a player pressed thekey “R” they die

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A conveyor doesn’t need to be coded, mess around with BasePart.AssemblyLinearVelocity on an anchored part to make it so things move on it.
For the second one, bind a damage brick to .Touched and find the humanoid, call Humanoid:TakeDamage(10) to damage the player 10 HP.
For the 3rd one, go to Game Settings in studio:

Look through all the tabs and you will find the avatar configuration where you can make the game R6.


For the conveyor, you could make it your own way or go to create a new game, one of the built things is an obby, that has a conveyor and all you do to change the speed is change the value in its folder.

For the kill brick I suggest you use this code:

local kb = script.Parent
local Debounce = false

	if Debounce == false then
		Debounce = true
		if hit.Parent:FindFirstChild("Humanoid") then
			hit.Parent.Humanoid:TakeDamage(10) -- change the number to the health you want, I have it at 10 so it will be 10%
		Debounce = false

For the third one, as sleep said, go to the game settings and I believe it is in “Avatar”

Good luck, if you need any more help just ask, obbys are really easy lol.

Edit: Also for the 4th one you could use this video dont wanna type it lol

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For the R key, add this in a LocalScript:

local player = game.Players.LocalPlayer
local uis = game:GetService("UserInputService")
	if input == Enum.KeyCode.R then
		player.Character:WaitForChild("Humanoid").Health = 0