Help with self-driving racer

hey guys I am making a self-driving racer but it’s a bit chunky and it just directly follows the path, which is kind of intended to do.
but how do I add a little bit of “freedom” to make it feel more natural in terms of driving?

How do I make nodes and maybe add some neural network so it feels more natural and the racer drives better

Or how would I go about making nodes and some sort of AI like forza horizon?
this is what I got;

You could make it a lot bigger and probably try make the green dots like arrows

You should probably make the race car a bit faster and add a drifting effect on sharp corners. I also suggest adding a Neural Network which would drive the car past obstacles or overtake other race cars. I think you should check out Kironte’s Neural Network Library 2.0 at Neural Network Library 2.0. Good luck with the game!