Help with Server Script Lag/Organizing

I feel like this is something that is already been discussed at length but I cant find anything specific enough from searching. Any good links will probably help.

First of all, I’m trying to find out how much Roblox Servers can handle. As in, is it generally a bad idea to have a bunch of Server Scripts running all the time in one lobby sort of thing from workspace. For random stuff like NPCs walking around as well as MoveTo on models happening at random times, over lapping sometimes.

What I am worried about is if by the time I’m done fine tuning everything, is it going to be a lag show…

What brings me to worry is, in testing while a couple Server Scripts were running, I tested a die/respawn and the game did not load my characters local script from “CharacterStarterScripts” (which in turn screws up the entire loading character setup I have). I put some checks in place and hopefully its patched up but…

Obviously I can’t have a bug like that go forward so I’m not sure how to organize all these Server Scripts properly… Should this be all calling functions from a module? or will that just make it more work for the server? should everything be packed into one script in “ServerScriptStorage”? (I did this once and it was a nightmare)

I think you should try and cut down the amount of thing you have and it might work better. I have had problems like this several times and what I usually do is remove some things to make it work better. Avoid putting it all in the script storage. Hope this helps!

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